Mountain Inn Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region Tanzania
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Mountain Inn has supported the following organisations:

Village2Village NGOVillage-to-Village Tanzania is a non-governmental organisation based in Uchira, close to Moshi in Tanzania. For almost 10 years Village-to-Village has been involved in development projects on sustainable agriculture, supporting people living with HIV/AIDS, educational access and support for children, and the hosting of international volunteers.

Tatu NGOThe Tatu Project is a nonprofit organization which aims to contribute to the individual and collective development of the Msitu Wa Tembo community in northern Tanzania.

Shirikisha NGOSHIRIKISHA is a Social Enterprise addressing the social and economic needs of disabled, disenfranchised, marginalized individuals in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

TEATEM NGOTEATEM is an NGO with a focus on improving the quality and availability of public education in Tanzania. Their projects include offering continuing education for teachers and offering aid to schools that are lacking basic resources.

Team Life is hard in Tanzania, and people have to keep working to support their families, even if they are 80 years old! At Mountain Inn, we keep our oldest staff doing light work as gardeners, with regular hours and a decent salary. We also support Tanzanian youth through a partnership with Kibo College of Tourism, providing their students with a field training to improve their practical skills.

curio shopCurio Shop & Decoration: The decoration in our hotel and the items in our Curio Shop are mainly made by local craftsmen, artisans and NGOs. By purchasing these items you are helping the local economy and community.

Green Initiatives: At Mountain Inn we’re trying to keep everything green! The hotel is surrounded with trees and plants, reducing the heat around the hotel and giving a small help to the Ozone layer. In case of power shortage, our generator will only be turned on at night, and the water used for showers is heated through solar power.

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